Article 9. Appeal


A student whom the SC Committee has determined to have violated the SCC shall have the right to appeal the adverse ruling by the SC Committee. Such appeal shall lie in the sole discretion of the Dean and must be made within fourteen (14) calendar days of date that notice and service of the SC Committee's judgment was provided to the student as set forth in Article 11 of the SCC.


If the student desires additional time to prepare an appeal, he/she must make a written request to the Dean within the same 14-day period. The Dean may, within his/her sole discretion, grant such additional time for appeal.


With respect to the finding(s) and sanction(s) determined by the SC Committee, the Dean will uphold the sanctions imposed by the SC committee unless there is substantial evidence to alter the findings of fact and conclusions of the SC Committee.


An accused student who enters into a voluntary plea agreement with the SC Committee is not entitled to appeal the entry of the plea agreement or any of the conditions set forth therein.