Course Auditing

  1. To audit a course, persons seeking to enroll must obtain written permission from the course instructor and from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, whose permission shall only be given provided that enrollment in the course does not adversely affect the quality of the course or the School of Law program. Requests to audit a course may be submitted only after the end of the official registration period (the last day for students to add a course or late register) when it may be determined whether space is still available in the class. This procedure applies to all academic terms. Auditing is not permitted in independent study courses, externships, or similar courses.
  2. Auditors do not write papers, complete written assignments, take exams, or request review of written work, unless approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. furthermore, they do not participate in class discussions unless otherwise directed by the course instructor.
  3. Auditors are required to register with the University Registrar for any course that they have been approved to audit. Auditors will appear on the instructor’s class roll but may not request grades. No transcript of record will be issued and no grades will be accepted by the University Registrar.
  4. No credit will be awarded for auditing a course.
  5. Students registering to audit a course must pay the applicable fee, unless the fee is waived by the Dean.
  6. Students that have been granted permission to audit a course must provide written permission to the University Registrar and pay the applicable fee prior to attendance in the course.
  7. Students may not regularly attend any class that they are not registered for, either for credit or as an auditing student.