Credit Earned at Another Law School after Enrollment at the School of Law

The School of Law will accept up to six (6) credit hours from visits by students enrolled at the School of Law to other law schools that are approved by the American Bar Association, including summer study and study abroad programs sponsored by ABA-approved law schools. All visits to other law schools must be approved in advance by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

  1. A request to visit another law school must include the law school’s name and contact information and the proposed course of study. A student is not eligible to submit a request to visit another law school unless the student is in good academic standing and has completed all first-year required courses.
  2. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs shall, in his or her sole discretion, determine whether to grant a student request. Credits earned during the visit shall not be used to fulfill any required courses including the upper-level writing requirement or the experiential learning requirement. Rather, such credits shall count only as elective credits towards the 90-credit graduation requirement.
  3. Within three (3) months of completing an approved program at another law school, the student must submit an official transcript from the other law school’s registrar to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  4. No more than six hours of credit from another law school will be awarded. The student must earn a “C” or better any course taken at another law school to obtain credit at the School of Law.
  5. Grades of “C” or above will be recorded as a “P” on the student’s law school transcript. The grades earned from courses taken at other law schools will not count towards the student’s cumulative GPA at the School of Law.
  6. The provisions described in this subpart apply only to students already enrolled at the School of Law who are seeking to visit other schools. They do not affect to the transfer policies set forth below.