Facilities Information

A. Guidelines for Building and Equipment Usage

  1. Furniture Set-ups in Classrooms and Public Areas: The building is furnished with high-quality tables, chairs, and casual seating. Please take care of them. Maintain appropriate furniture arrangements in classrooms and keep the public areas free of tables, chairs, and other furniture that are not being used. If it is necessary to rearrange the furniture in a classroom for a particular purpose, please move it back to its original configuration when finished.
  2. Tables and Chairs for Events: Tables and chairs are available for events and activities sponsored by recognized law student organizations. If you need tables or chairs, please contact the Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services.
  3. Announcements and Notices: Notices of meetings, events, or other signs should be posted only on bulletin boards and easels. To post an announcement digitally, please contact the Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services. Easels are also available, but please return them promptly when you are finished with them. Notices should not be posted on walls, woodwork, or pillars in any of the classrooms or Law Library. Notices posted on restricted areas will be removed.

B. Lockers

Student lockers are located on the lower level of the School of Law. All new students will be able to request a locker at the start of the school year. Students will keep the same locker for the entire year but must remove their belongings before leaving for the summer. Lockers may be reassigned each August to upper-level students depending upon availability. Each student’s locker is subject to searches for items prohibited by the University, the School of Law, state, and federal law. By using a locker, each student waives his or her right to privacy to items within the locker. Items that remain in lockers after May 31 of each year will be subject to disposal at the discretion of the School of Law.

C. Lost and Found

Students should check for lost items at the receptionist desk.

D. Student Lounge

There is a student lounge located on the first floor of the School of Law. Tables, chairs, microwave ovens, coffeemakers, a toaster, and refrigerators are provided so that students may eat in the lounge. A vending area is also located in the lounge. Students are responsible for cleaning up after using the lounge.

E. Mail

Students may not receive mail addressed to them at the School of Law. Any mail sent to a student in care of the School of Law will be returned to the sender.

F. Pets

Pets are prohibited on campus. Individuals may bring service animals to campus as permitted by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or other appliable provisions of federal or state law. A student who needs to use a service animal on campus must request an ADA accommodation from the University’s Office of Accessible Education Services.

G. Parking

Parking is available for a fee of $400 per semester on a first-come/first-serve basis. Students may sign up for parking with the Assistant Dean of Student and Career Services.

Students will be assigned parking, subject to availability, at the following parking lots/garages:

  • Walnut Street (Langley) Garage at the corner of Locust Street and Summer Place
  • Corner of Locust Street and Vine Street
  • Cafego Street and Walnut Street

These parking areas are all less than three (3) blocks from the school and are subject to availability based on the size of the student body. Each student will be assigned to one of these lots upon availability and will be required to register his/her vehicle with the school. If a student parks a vehicle in a law school parking area to which he or she has not been assigned, the vehicle will be towed. The student will then be assessed the parking fee of $400 and an additional fine. If a vehicle is parked in any lot without proper identification and authorization, the vehicle will be towed.

No students, other than those who have been given an accommodation, are to park in the faculty/staff parking lot between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. After 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, and on weekends, the faculty/staff lot is generally available for student parking unless a special event is being held. No student parking is allowed at any time in the alley directly behind the School of Law.

Parking in the alley behind the School of Law or unauthorized parking in the faculty/staff lot will result in the student’s car being towed at the cost of the student and a fine imposed. 

H. Tobacco-Free Policy

Lincoln Memorial University cares about your health. The University promotes a healthy, sanitary environment free from tobacco smoke and tobacco-related debris. The LMU community acknowledges that long-term health hazards may accrue to people who use tobacco products or who are subjected to second-hand smoke.

LMU is a Tobacco-Free Campus, with smoking and all other tobacco usage prohibited. This policy applies to all University buildings/grounds, including residence halls, parking lots, and cars parked on LMU properties; all LMU-affiliated off-campus locations and clinics; and any buildings owned, leased, or rented by LMU. This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, contractors, and visitors of LMU and is in effect 24 hours a day, year-round.

For purposes of this policy, “tobacco-use” means, but is not limited to, the personal use of any tobacco product, whether intended to be lit or not, which shall include smoking tobacco or other substances that are lit and smoked, as well as the use of cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes, hookahs, electronic cigarettes, or any other nicotine delivery through vapor devices; chewing tobacco; smokeless pouches; any form of loose-leaf, smokeless tobacco; and the use of unlit cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco.

Understanding the addictive nature of tobacco products, LMU will make every effort to assist those who may wish to stop using tobacco. Students who wish to stop using tobacco are encouraged to contact the Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services for information about smoking cessation programs.

All members of the LMU community shall be responsible for compliance with this policy. It is expected that all faculty, staff, students, contractors, and visitors will voluntarily comply with the spirit and intent of this policy. Violations of this policy will be dealt with in a manner that is consistent with University procedures.

The success of this policy will depend on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of both tobacco users and non-users. Fines and citations will not be a part of the basic enforcement of this policy; however, Violations of this policy by students should be brought to the attention of the Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services. There shall be no reprisals against anyone reporting violations of this policy.