Institutional Goals of the University

Lincoln Memorial University is a private, independent, non-sectarian University with a clearly defined mission that distinguishes it from other educational institutions. While the University cherishes its heritage and rich traditions, it recognizes that dynamic growth and change are required to meet the needs of today’s students. The University has identified the following institutional goals, which are derived from its mission and reflect its vision for the future:

  1. Make educational opportunities available to all persons without reference to social status.
  2. Strengthen student recruitment and retention by fostering an academic and social environment that facilitates success and rewards achievement.
  3. Maintain fiscal integrity in all University activities, programs and operations through efforts to increase endowment and financial standing.
  4. Provide quality educational experiences that have their foundation in the liberal arts and professional studies, promote high personal standards and produce graduates with relevant career skills to compete in an ever-changing, increasingly global society.
  5. Advance Cumberland Gap, Appalachia, and other communities through public service and outreach activities in continuing education, healthcare, leadership development, recreation and the fine and performing arts.
  6. Serve as a critical educational, cultural, and recreational center for the area and develop and maintain facilities, which are safe, accessible, and conducive to the development of body, mind, and spirit.
  7. Attract and retain a diverse and highly qualified faculty and staff, committed to teaching, research and service.
  8. Commit resources to support the Institution’s primary role of teaching, and, as appropriate, research and service.
  9. Support faculty and staff development programs with priority for allocation of resources determined by institutional needs.
  10. Improve technological resources for faculty, staff, and students in all academic programs regardless of where or how programs are delivered.
  11. Develop and implement academic programs in response to anticipated or demonstrated educational needs, and continuously evaluate and improve the effectiveness of current programs.
  12. Provide a caring and nurturing environment where students, faculty, and staff with varied talents, experiences, and aspirations come together to form a diverse community that encourages students to grow intellectually and personally to meet their academic and career goals.
  13. Provide quality educational opportunities through selected degree programs for students who live and/or work a significant distance from the Lincoln Memorial University main campus, and for whom other options are not as accessible or satisfactory.