LAW-1008: The Successful Lawyer

Credits 2
Academic Level

This course is about the legal profession, the foundational skills and values of the profession, and how students can find their places within the profession. It is designed to ensure that students begin thinking about the type of careers they would like to pursue and to equip students with tools needed to seek out such careers. Students will be introduced to the essential competencies needed for the successful practice of law, including a closer examination of the soft skills and emotional intelligence that the profession requires. The course includes reflection on the special obligations that lawyers have to their clients and society, including the necessity of being aware of systemic and implicit bias and the importance of cross-cultural competency. The course is intended to give law students the foundation for a successful, fulfilling, and impactful professional career. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis.

Course Frequency
Offered at least once per academic year.