Pro Bono Requirement

Each student must complete thirty (30) hours of community service prior to graduation from the School of Law. Community Service is limited to service for which the student receives no remuneration and which is approved by the Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services. Pro Bono requirements are the same for students in the Part-Time/Hybrid program as those in the Full-Time and Flex-Time programs. 

  1. Upon completion, the student must submit confirmation of the performance of pro bono service to the Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services. If such service, in the discretion of the Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services, satisfies the requirements enumerated herein, the Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services shall provide written approval to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  2. At least ten (10) hours of the community service completed must involve the rendering of meaningful law-related service to persons of limited means or to organizations serving such persons.
  3. Prior to a student’s completion all of his/her First-Year Required Courses, the number of pro bono hours a student may complete to satisfy this requirement is capped at the ten (10) law-related service hours. These law-related service hours may not be completed during the first semester of study at the law school.
  4. Students that show an exemplary commitment to serving the community will be eligible to receive a Pro Bono Award upon graduation.

    General Oliver O. Howard Pro Bono Award: 100–250 hours
    President Abraham Lincoln Pro Bono Award: 250 hours or more