Procedure for a Non-Grade Related Academic Grievance

  1. Grievances concerning any academic issues should first be taken to the instructor of the class, if a classroom situation is in dispute.
  2. If a student feels he/she needs to take the matter further, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs should be consulted, no later than two weeks following the first day of classes for the next semester (including summer terms), with such grievance being made in writing.
  3. If a student is dissatisfied with the decision or remedial action taken by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the student may appeal such decision to the Dean. An appeal under this subsection must be made within five (5) calendar days of the decision or remedial action that is the basis for the appeal and must provide, in writing, a copy of the grievance and a statement setting forth the appellant’s basis for dissatisfaction. The Dean’s decision shall be final and non-appealable.
  4. Grievances concerning sexual harassment by a faculty member are not governed by this section.