Reenrollment after Voluntary Withdrawal

  1. A student who has voluntarily withdrawn from the law school, including one whose leave of absence has expired, may petition the Academic Standards Committee for reenrollment by completing the Petition for Reenrollment form.
  2. In the Petition for Reenrollment, the student shall explain the reason for the voluntary withdrawal, the reason for seeking reenrollment, and his or her activities during the period of non-enrollment, including, but not limited to, any issues that might affect their character and fitness to practice law.
  3. The student shall attach to the Petition for Reenrollment all relevant information pertaining to the period of non-enrollment at the law school, including, but not limited to, explanations of any character and fitness issues that have arisen and transcripts from any educational institutions the student has attended during the period of non-enrollment.
  4. The Petition for Reenrollment must be submitted to the Chair of the Academic Standards Committee and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs by July 1 (for reenrollment in the fall semester) or November 1 (for reenrollment in the spring semester).
  5. Based upon the content of the Petition for Reenrollment and the student’s academic record, and in coordination with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the Academic Standards Committee should reenroll the student if he or she appears capable of satisfactorily completing the program of legal education and being admitted to the bar and meets admissions standards as to character and fitness. The Academic Standards Committee, in coordination with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, may place conditions upon the student’s reenrollment based upon its consideration of factors including, but not limited to, the student’s academic record and the length of the period of non-enrollment. 
  6. Upon a favorable reenrollment decision from the Academic Standards Committee, the Dean may endorse the reenrollment decision or may deny the student reenrollment. Any decision of the Academic Standards Committee to deny a petition for reenrollment is final and shall not be reviewable by the Dean.