Article 11. Notice and Service


Any duly promulgated rule, regulation or order of the School of Law posted on the administrative TWEN bulletin board shall serve as constructive notice to the student body within 48 hours of its posting. Further, any email sent to a student at the e-mail address assigned to them by the School of Law shall be deemed delivered pursuant to the notice requirements of this SCC on the day following the sending of the e-mail in question.


In all cases where the SCC charges a person with the responsibility for the delivery of complaints, notices, statements, judgments, or any other documents whatsoever, the person making delivery thereof shall first make a reasonable attempt to serve the document in question personally and by email upon the person entitled to receive it. If such personal or e-mail service cannot be accomplished, a certified letter, and regular U.S. Mail letter, duly posted to the most recent address of the person as listed in School of Law files, shall conclusively be presumed to provide notice and service required by the SCC. Service will be considered complete one day after the posting of the certified letter.


All time periods in this SCC commence to run exclusive of the day of service, notice, or judgment. Further, all deadlines will end at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the day due, regardless of weekend or weekday.