Article 12. Reserved Powers


Nothing in this SCC shall be construed to limit the authority of a faculty member or a School of Law organization to deal with misconduct arising in the faculty member's class or organization. Such action shall not be the basis for a plea of double jeopardy by the student involved.


The Dean and faculty of the School of Law reserve the right to modify, alter, amend, extend or restate any section of this SCC at any time.


Any student who, within the sole discretion of the Dean, poses an imminent risk of serious harm to the School of Law community, may be suspended immediately and shall be accorded due process, otherwise consistent with this SCC, at a later date.


No section of this SCC, determination of the SC Committee, or plea agreement entered into by any student under this SCC, shall be construed as limiting or controlling the discretion of the Dean of the School of Law to exercise his or her discretion regarding whether or not to endorse any student.