Class Capture & Podcasting

The School of Law has implemented a system of “class capture” technology using MediaSite in many of the classrooms, enabling the School of Law to visually and audibly record lectures. All School of Law classes are captured, allowing students to have unrestricted access to prior classes in the current semester. Students may access MediaSite from within the School of Law or from off campus. For optimum viewing from off campus, LMU Information Services recommends that students have a broad band connection such as a cable modem or DSL service provider subscription.  Cell phone providers and cell phone "hot spots" will not be adequate. Students should also be aware that firewalls at their place of employment or residence may block access to streaming video.

In addition to the streaming media, MediaSite allows the direct download of .mp3 audio files for later review, via a download button on the listing for each recording. Classroom learning constraints are minimized and learning opportunities are expanded by allowing students the flexibility to listen to a classroom lecture anytime, at their convenience.